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PRCA Statement on the USITC Petition Decision

PRCA Statement on the USITC Petition Decision

The Paper Receipts Converting Association (PRCA) is pleased with the results of initial findings from the antidumping petition filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) regarding thermal paper rolls imported from Germany, Japan, Korea, and Spain.

“We are especially pleased with the decision as it relates to converted finished rolls that come into the U.S. from converters that often do not identify the country of origin and do not adhere to PRCA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regarding proper paper grade identification and roll dimensions,” said Mike Rapier, PRCA President.

As PRCA was formed to promote the common business interests of companies engaged in the U.S. paper receipt industry, the association will continue to work with Customs and Border Patrol to monitor imports and ensure that proper duties are paid on paper imported from the subject countries in the petition, as well as on paper coming into the U.S. from China under the prior determination. PRCA will also continue to support legal action against suppliers that evade the duties currently in place.

All PRCA member companies comply with the association’s GMP, which sets forth manufacturing practices and standards to ensure that customers always get the highest quality products. The GMP, along with legal efforts to combat evasion of countervailing and antidumping duties, all aim to promote excellence in the U.S. paper receipts industry.


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