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If you do business with a PRCA member company, you can count on a consistent, compliant, and quality product. Look for the PRCA seal.

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PRCA’s Good Manufacturing Practices sets forth manufacturing practices and standards to ensure PRCA members’ customers get the same high-quality product each and every time. Adherence to the GMP drives integrity to the industry and provides transparency around product contents supplied to North American receipt customers. 

Regulatory Compliance

PRCA members comply with all global, federal, and local regulatory and legislative requirements. These include U.S. FDA requirements as well as paper chemistry regulations such as California’s Proposition 65. 

Verified Raw Materials

PRCA members maintain detailed specifications for raw materials, purchasing them from suppliers with quality assurance systems comparable to their own. Traceability and certification of raw materials are also critical, and PRCA members ensure the manufacture and supply of raw materials complies with all applicable legal requirements.

Consistent Converting

PRCA members convert rolls with consistent quality that meets GMP requirements as well as other material specifications. In addition, the carton label shall clearly and accurately define the contents of the carton.

Quality Assured

PRCA members assure that all measuring equipment is calibrated and adjusted at specific intervals to ensure product conformance to customer requirements. Job set-ups are verified via an effective quality assurance system, and critical incoming raw materials are accompanied by a certificate of compliance or are quality tested for performance.

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