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Paper Receipts Association Launches GMP to Combat Mislabeling

Paper Receipts Association Launches GMP to Combat Mislabeling

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., October 2, 2020 — When U.S. manufacturers of receipt paper came together last year to form the Paper Receipts Converting Association (PRCA), their first goal was to advocate against proposed legislation to ban hardcopy receipts. After celebrating progress, such as the end of California’s Assembly Bill 161, the association turned its sites to another aspect of its mission: maintaining consistency and quality throughout the industry. PRCA launched its Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and accompanying seal in June.

“As the President of the PRCA, I am proud to announce that our member companies have implemented the GMP to ensure that the companies buying from PRCA members receive the highest quality products the industry has to offer each and every time.” said Mike Rapier, President of PRCA and CEO of Liberty Greenleaf. “Additionally, the GMP supports truth in labeling, protecting against misstated footages and paper types as well as the misrepresentation of country of origin on imported finished rolls. PRCA members are committed to setting high standards for our customers and users of our products.”

The PRCA advocates for the receipt industry in the United States by working with government agencies to enforce current antidumping and countervailing duties on certain lightweight thermal paper from China, continues to develop GMPs and defends against federal, state, and local legislation which damages the industry. PRCA’s GMP aims to correct the lack of consistency and fairness, making sure that customers get the same high-quality product each and every time. All PRCA member companies are required to follow the GMP standards, so organizations that purchase from PRCA members or see the GMP seal know that they are receiving exactly what they paid for.

The GMP covers regulatory compliance, verified raw materials, consistent converting, and quality assurance. Look for the PRCA’s GMP seal on your receipt products and feel assured that you are getting the highest quality products in the marketplace.

The founding member companies of PRCA—and those that customers can look to for GMP compliance—include: General Credit Forms, Inc., Iconex, Liberty Greenleaf, Max International, Monaco, Nakagawa Corporation, National Checking (NCCO), Positive Concepts, and Specialty Roll Products, Inc.

By releasing the GMP and seal, PRCA invites others to step up and do their part to ensure the integrity of the paper receipt industry. To read the full GMP and learn when and how to display the PRCA seal, please visit PaperReceipts.Org/Good-Manufacturing.

PHOTO CAPTION: The Paper Receipts Converting Association’s GMP seal signifies quality, transparency, and integrity in every roll converted and distributed by association members across the United States.


PRCA is a nonprofit trade association representing the manufacturers of paper receipts. PRCA promotes the value of paper receipts; encourages the use of best manufacturing practices throughout the industry; and works with legislators and governmental agencies to promote the industry’s wellbeing.


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