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Paper Receipts Association Applauds Defeat of Proposed California Ban

Paper Receipts Association Applauds Defeat of Proposed California Ban

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Sept. 23, 2019 — The newly formed Paper Receipts Converting Association (PRCA) applauds California’s State Senate for stopping the advancement of Assembly Bill 161, which aimed to ban the use of paper receipts unless specially requested by customers. This move is aligned, not only with the paper receipts industry, but also with retailers, restaurants, and consumers who overwhelmingly favor paper receipts.

In an increasingly insecure world, paper receipts offer a safe, reliable, and tangible means to evidence transactions, and Assembly Bill 161 failed to recognize this crucial role. After being scaled back significantly—in part due to advocacy from organizations like the American Paper & Forest Association as well as numerous retailers, restaurants, and consumers—the bill stalled in the Senate Appropriations Committee at the end of August.

“The California Senate made the right decision,” said Mike Rapier, President of PRCA and CEO of Liberty Greenleaf. “Paper receipts are a safe, effective, and proven way to record transactions, and we’re pleased that the legislature recognized that. PRCA is keeping a close watch for similar legislation today and in the future.”

PRCA formed early in the summer when companies in the paper receipts industry recognized the need to mobilize against Assembly Bill 161 as well as other potentially damaging legislation in the future. Not only does PRCA advocate for and dispel myths about paper receipts, it also aims to fight illegal imports of receipt paper as well as establish industry standards around quality. The association is currently working on a Good Manufacturing Practice certification to communicate value and consistency to the industry’s customers.

The founding member companies include: ColorKraft/Pap-R Products, General Credit Forms, Inc., Hamco, Iconex, Liberty Greenleaf, Monaco, Nakagawa Corporation, National Checking (NCCO), Positive Concepts, and Specialty Roll Products, Inc.

PRCA’s website,, is currently under construction and will be available soon. In the meantime, interested parties may call PRCA’s headquarters at 413.686.9175 with questions or for more information.


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